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By Chris Newton • March 13, 2019

The 9 Most Popular St. Patrick's Day Songs in 2019

Time to read: 2 mins

St. Patrick's day may be an excuse to pretend to be Irish, wear green and drink Guiness (not that we needed an excuse for that), but most importantly, St. Patrick's day is a day to listen to really good Irish music. These are the top 9 most popular songs to listen to on St. Patrick's day; dancing like a leprechaun is optional.

9. Plunderstruck (Badpiper)

The Celtic version of Thunderstruck by AC/DC, complete with bagpipes and everything else you'd expect from a celtic song.

 8. Drunken Lullabies (Flogging Molly)

Although Flogging Molly is Los Angeles based, their Irish roots go deep. The band itself is named after Molly Malone's, an Irish pub in LA.

7. Dirty Old Town (The Pogues)

The Pogues are considered to be the one of the original celtic punk bands (which eventually led to the rise of bands like Flogging Molly and Dropkick Murphy's). 

6. Sunday Bloody Sunday (U2)

Love em or hate em (we'll personally never forgive U2 or Apple for forcing an album onto our iPhones back in 2014), Sunday Bloody Sunday is rooted in Irish pride. This song is even more relevant this year, with St. Patrick's day falling on a Sunday in 2019.

5. Irish Pub (The Rumjacks)

This song may have the most Irish sounding opening on the list but quickly shifts into rock mode. Raise a pint of your favorite Irish beer and cheers your friends. We've got us an Irish Pub.

4. Whiskey in the Jar (Dubliners)

Not a fan of beer? The Irish don't discriminate, just grab yourself a jar of whiskey instead. Whiskey in the Jar is a classic by the Dubliners.

Looking for something a little bit heavier? Try the Metallica cover.

3. Jump Around (House of Pain)

Not an Irish song per se, this song's music video was filmed at the 1992 St. Patrick's Day parade in NYC and has been pissing off downstairs neighbors ever since. Plus, they wear Celtic's Jersey's in the video.

2. The Rocky Road To Dublin (The High Kings)

This song has been covered dozens of times, from artists like The Dubliners to the Dropkick Murphy's. One of our favorite versions is by the High Kings.

1. I'm Shipping Up To Boston

No St. Patrick's day would be complete without hearing "I'm Shipping Up To Boston" at least once. Whether you're at a pub in Boston or sitting at home on your couch in Idaho, do yourself a favor and listen to this song, made popular in the movie The Departed.


 What are some of your favorite song's to listen to on St. Patrick's day? Let us know, or sound off in the comments section below. We may feature it next year!